The Family Recovery Workshops are for anybody whose life has been impacted by addiction- this includes family or friends of substance abusers and those currently or recently having addiction problems themselves. Education about the disease combined with implementation of evidence based strategies for effectively dealing with the impacts of addiction has proven to be extremely helpful in the recovery process of both the addict and their family members.

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These workshops are provided free to the public. These workshops are conducted over a six week time span meeting once a week a the Living Promise Lutheran Church, another of our community partners. For more information please contact us at (423)748-7494
Donations are greatly appreciated you can do it two different ways; Option 1- sending or dropping it off to our office located at 814 W. Main St., Morristown, TN 37814. Option 2 its going to our PAYPAL account doing everything online their you can set up your donations by weekly, monthly or a one time donation. Just click on the PAYPAL logo it will take you directly.
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Youth have always been an important element of the HCSAC, Inc. Always willing participants in HCSAC projects, youth are an invaluable resource to our community. November of 2013, Youth Director, Shane Webb was hired as a full-time employee for the HCSAC. Shane is the Youth Minister at Witt Baptist Church and has a passion for working with the youth. Shane has recently created “STOP” Student Team Organizing Prevention. They will continue on with programs such as “Project Sticker Shock”, “Operation Medicine Bottle” and “Mystery Shoppers”.
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The HCSAC, Inc. works with the Hamblen County Juvenile Court System, Department of Child Services probation and East Tennessee Human Resources Agency Probation offering a “Building Skills” program to help build self-esteem, encourage better decision making, increase positive social skills and improve scholastic performance and school attendance. This program is offered free to the public. The HCSAC, in partnership with the Hamblen County School System, conducts a Partnership for Success Student Survey every other year which is the only survey that gathers pertinent local data on substance use, community norms, student and parental attitudes surrounding alcohol,tobacco and the use of Substance outside of medical use. All of this at no cost to the county.