KASA is our Hispanic Element of the HCSAC, kind-of a coalition within the coalition. Alexis Andino is the Director of KASA. He began in a part-time capacity in 2009 and has been with us since 2013.

Alexis began Hispanic basic computer skills training in 2011. He has been working with the Migrant Farm Worker population for several years in the areas of health care and substance abuse prevention. He leads a very successful outreach program, the “Promotores de Salud” that visits with Hispanic families within their homes and at community events that draw the Hispanic population.

Kasa addresses issues within the Hispanic culture from alcoholism, which is prevalent in first generation Hispanics, to prescription pill addiction which is being seen as a result of American culture now impacting the Hispanic 2nd and third generation populations. Parenting classes, a Hispanic version of our “Building Skills” program for young people with potential behavioral problems and/or are at-risk for substance abuse, and a Hispanic version of “Celebrate Recovery” program are implementations that are either currently being offered or are planned for the near future.